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Deep Sea Reporter is an independent digital magazine focusing on our oceans.
Interest for climate and the environment grows as does the insight that these questions play a decisive part in our future and survival.
Our aim is to reach a wider and greater public, but also opinion formers, through reportages, books and documentaries.
Our magazine highlights new science and research, legislation by pertinent authorities, entrepreneurs various work and projects all interwoven with engaging stories about people whose lives are dedicated to the sea.
Deep Sea Reporter collaborates closely with journalists around the country, forming a network, helping us maximise our coverage.
Deep Sea Reporter also assists other journalists with logistic or economical difficulties hindering them from accessing the sea.
Our goal is to contribute to the dissemanition of facts regarding the Baltic Sea through unbiased, unaffected and independent research.

För mer djupgående information om projektet, besök: deepseareporter.se

Foundation Voice of the Ocean
Rydboholmgård, 184 94 Åkersberga Sweden


Ola Oskarsson
Project Manager Ocean Knowledge


Johan Candert
Project Manager Ocean Archive


Fanny Senke
Communications & Project Manager


Niklas Nilsson
Project Manager Education