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Our ocean – the planet’s largest ecosystem – is endangered

Climate change and biodiversity loss continue unabated, threatening sustainable development and our viability as a species. Unfortunately, the challenges are particularly evident when we look at the state of our planet’s life support system – the ocean.

To change the downward spiral, humankind must ensure a more sustainable situation for the ocean.

Therefore, we must collaborate to improve ocean stewardship through joint research, capacity development, and sharing data, information, and technology. And we need to change how humans interact with the ocean.

What we do

We support science: To contribute to the stewardship of the ocean, we help scientists understand the sea as a system. We do this by providing unique data, research methods, and infrastructure.

We visualize the past: By spreading knowledge about the ocean’s multi-faceted nature, culture, and history and offering new perspectives, we contribute to a broader understanding of the importance of and interaction with the sea.

We create engagement: We spark interest in and make understanding of the ocean by communicating science in an unbiased and easy-to-digest format.

Voice of the Ocean

A prerequisite for success is that people’s knowledge about and commitment to the ocean needs to strengthen. That is where Voice of the Ocean step in and takes action. Both through what we do, the methods we develop, and through inspiring others.

Ultimately, we turn people’s attention to the ocean.

Voice of the Ocean conduct, supports and promotes science and communication regarding the ocean and its dynamic processes. With a holistic approach, we explore the interaction between humans and the sea. Historically, at present, and in the future.

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