Ocean Archives

We help you visualize what happens in the sea using stills and video imagery.

About Ocean Archives

Problems and processes occuring in the sea are too abstract – “I cannot see the problem…that’s why I don’t understand”.

  • Research about the sea has difficulty reaching out because it is hard to visualize. Reports and presentations become more accessible if it includes other imagery than just graphs and tables. Clear visual imagery can help science carry a message that will lead to a more enlightened discussion outside of academia.
  • Schools need diverse and exciting imagery to educate young people in an engaging manner – with pedagogical aides that stimulate curiosity.
  • Media are often in need of imagery for storytelling about processes in the sea. Under water imagery will raise interest and show the reality of these processes in a way that will make it understandable for the audience. This kind of imagery can make us better understand the consequences of our actions.

The basic idea of Ocean Archives is to create a coordinated digital service where imagery and video from the sea can be uploaded, cataloged, and made available. In plain English – a high-quality visual database.


If you feel that your needs fit the above description,
please contact Joachim Cronquist for more information.


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