VOTO Education

We want to offer different forms of support to those who
work within the fields of information and education.

About VOTO Education.

People need information to understand how the state of the oceans can be improved. VOTO Education wants to offer different forms of support to those who work with information and education.

Education, information, and knowledge are crucial for the understanding of what needs to be done and how to do it. VOTO Education contributes to increased knowledge, curiosity, and engagement in the oceans. We contribute with easily accessible information and educational material focused more on solutions than problems. By supporting education for children, we want to affect the people’s perception of the sea and inform about what is happening there. We believe in good examples, stories about progress and how we as humans can actively make a difference.

Some of our films are screened in the Baltic Sea Science Center’s film studio. At this time, we are working on a set of “before-and-after” films, to be used as “prolonged lessons” for school classes visiting the center.

Project Support.

If you are working in an organization or school that wants support with information about the sea, please contact Niklas Nilsson. We are open to all kinds of co-operation for the purpose of creating a healthier sea.

Niklas Nilsson
Project Manager VOTO Education

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VOTO Education.

Niklas Nilsson Project Manager VOTO Education