VOTO Support

We offer support for science in general through collection of data,
with resources and communication. Our focus is on field research.

About VOTO Support.

VOTO supports research about the oceans, primarily the Baltic Sea, with internal resources such as boats, technology or technological solutions for separate, independent projects. The focus is on field research. In exceptional cases, cash grants can come into question.

VOTO offers support for science in general through collection of data, with resources and communication. We are particularly interested in giving young researchers a chance to test their ideas. The data base we provide is freely available for researchers to use. By delivering data for free, we want to reduce the pressure to find financing and equipment so that scientists can concentrate on research.

How to apply.

For projects within the field of VOTO Ocean Knowledge, please contact Ola Oskarsson.
For projects within the field of Humans and the Sea, or projects with other focus areas, please contact Björn Hagberg.

We are happy to initiate a dialog with you about how we can possibly contribute to your research project.
We will discuss your plans, your needs and expectations to help you write a project description to put before our board.

The board will decide on project proposals twice a year. The deadline for applications is set three weeks before these dates. Late applications will be forwarded to the next board meeting. The decisions are published on set dates.

Key dates 2021
First decision-making board meeting: 1 June
Deadline for applications: 7 May
Decisions published: 25 June

Second decision-making board meeting: 1 December
Deadline for applications: 7 November
Decisions published: 21 December

Ongoing projects with support from VOTO:


Maderö Wreck Site – possibly the oldest known ship in the Baltic Sea with guns.

In 2021, Dr Niklas Eriksson, researcher in marine archaeology at Stockholm University, will conduct a survey of the so-called Maderö wreck in collaboration with Humans and the Sea. Read more

Sea Change – New Marine Archaeological Perspectives: Mankind and the Littoral Environment.

Sea Change is a research project aiming to contribute with knowledge about the most important existential question in our time: how should we act in view of the… Read more

Deep Sea Reporter.

VOTO supports a communication project called ”Deep Sea Reporter – an independent digital magazine focused on the sea”. Read more

Fish Tag Network Demonstrator.

VOTO together with Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, are building capacity so that our autonomous systems can communicate with fish tracking systems. Read more

Seal Diet.

VOTO supports a project to increase the knowledge about what seals eat. There is a shortage of knowledge about how seals feed in archipelagoes. An important part of… Read more