Shipwrecks – a photo book about 100 years of shipping.

Humans and the Sea, publisher Max Ström and the National Maritime Museum in England, are in collaboration on a new book about shipwrecks. In the Scilly Isles, southwest of England, a project originated in the 1850s, which has become a remarkable cultural treasure. Four generations of the Gibson family have photographed and documented hundreds of ships on the Scilly Isles in their last moments. Ships large and small, beautiful and functional, have all met their faith on the treacherous shoals and ragged rocks in these hard-to-navigate waters.

This book (working title Shipwrecks – 100 years of shipping) contains a wide selection of the best pictures from the Gibson’s collection, photographs that are in fact epitaphs over shipwrecks. It is photographic art of the highest order. Together with dramatic stories about the shipwrecks and a century of shipping, the book is a rediscovery of great ships from the past, and a historical record of a bygone age.

This book (to be published in 2021) stands on its own, but it can be seen as a “sister-book” to Ghost Ships of the Baltic Sea.

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