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Ghost Ships of the Baltic Sea

Ghost Ships of the Baltic Sea

There are nearly 100 000 shipwrecks lying on the floors of the Baltic Sea – the cold waters in combination with the absence of shipworms has created a treasure chest for wreck divers. In this new breathtaking picture book, we follow divers Jonas Dahm and Carl Douglas to the most spectacular shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea. There are Royal Navy vessels dating back to the time of the Swedish Empire, prodigious wooden ships, 19th-century cargo ships and submarines from World War II.

Carl Douglas and his team are behind several of the most eye-catching wreck discoveries in the Baltic Sea in recent decades. Their collective ambition is to document and conjure up an image of the long unseen history hidden in the deep sea. Some of their most impressive wreck findings include the signal reconnaissance aircraft DC-3, the royal warship “Svärdet” and the refugee transport ship General von Steuben. They have also uncovered a completely undamaged merchant ship, as well as a British Submarine vessel from World War I.

On board these sunken ships, time has stood still – It often seems like the crew left the vessel only moments earlier. The wrecks have become like time capsules, a spooky mixture of serene beauty and haunting reminders of a brutal drama.

These astounding shipwreck images have attracted worldwide attention and are now being presented in large format for the very first time.

About the authors
Carl Douglas is a historian, diver and photographer. He is motivated by a strong curiosity for hidden stories as well as a passion for the sea.

Jonas Dahm is a diver and underwater photographer. Through the images in this book he aims to tell the stories of these ships and the people who sailed on them.

Book facts
Author: Carl Douglas
Photographer: Jonas Dahm
Scope: 268 pages
Format: 32,8 x 24,7 cm
Approximate price: 570 SEK
ISBN: 9789171265265
Release date: 2020-11-06

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