Humans and the Sea

We want to spread knowledge about the multi-faced nature, culture and history of the relation between man and the sea.

About Humans and the Sea

The aim of Humans and the Sea is to spread knowledge about the multi-faceted nature, culture, and history of the oceans, and to offer new perspectives that can contribute to a wider understanding of the importance of the sea. These new perspectives will widen the knowledge about mankind’s complex relation to the sea and highlight different aspects of our fascination for the sea.

Humans and the Sea communicates, supports and widens the knowledge about different kinds of interaction between man and sea; maritime history and marine archaeology; environmental humanities; ethnological studies of mankind’s cultural, individual and social relation to the sea. In short, knowledge that offers understanding. The perspectives are local, regional, national or global.

Humans and the Sea contributes to making our long historic relation to the sea visible to the public. This is done through books, exhibitions, and films, but also in collaboration with institutions and individual scientists.

Knowledge about mankind’s interaction with the sea over time makes it possible to raise questions about what kind of relation to the sea we want today. The answers can contribute to setting the course we should follow and enable sensible decision-making, based on facts and understanding.

Humans and the Sea works within the fields of culture, art, and science, in collaboration with the world of research to enable new science to reach out. It is only through the interaction of these elements that we can attain the understanding needed for making decisions about the status and management of the sea.

An additional important aspect is to raise public awareness by presenting the sea in new and exciting ways. By popularizing scientific research, we can together reach out to people.

Project Support

Please contact Björn Hagberg to start a dialog about how we can contribute to your research project. We are happy to talk about the humanities and the Baltic Sea with you and collaborate for a deeper understanding of the Baltic Sea. We will discuss your plans, your needs and expectations to help you write a project description to put before our board.


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