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OAR – Offshore Archaeological

Offshore Archaeological Project

A team, composed of members of the Centre for Maritime Archaeology in Southampton (CMA), The Maritime Archaeology Research Institute in Södertörn (MARIS) are very pleased to be part of a collaboration in the pursue of VOTO’s focused interests of enhancing our understanding of past human relationships within the maritime environment. The Offshore Archaeological Project, OAR, will act as catalyst to better understand our past looking into our current needs for exploration and knowledge.

OAR is designed to explore, through academic research, offshore archaeological sites in contexts with offshore developments around the world. The aims of the projects are to enhance our understanding of such sites through:

  • The development and research of new ways of documenting deep sea or “difficult to reach” sites using state-of-the-art underwater technology.
  • To provide a platform for student-led research, training and experience in a unique archaeological environment.
  • To exchange expertise between the different members of the project whereas these are academic or job placements.
  • To produce high-quality peered reviewed research outcome based on the different collaboration opportunities.