Voice of the Ocean Foundation

We conduct, support, and promote science and communication regarding the sea and its dynamic processes. With a holistic approach, we explore the interaction between humans and the sea. Historically, at present, and in the future.

Voice of the Ocean

Voice of the Ocean foundation will collaborate with researchers and educators to improve ocean stewardship through joint research, capacity development, and sharing data, information, and technology. Through our work we will strengthen people’s knowledge and commitment to the ocean.  

What we do

We support science: To contribute to the stewardship of the ocean, we help scientists understand the sea as a system. We do this by providing unique data, research methods, and infrastructure.

We visualize the past: By spreading knowledge about the ocean’s multi-faceted nature, culture, and history and offering new perspectives, we contribute to a broader understanding of the importance of and interaction with the sea.

We create engagement: We spark interest in and make understanding of the ocean by communicating science in an unbiased and easy-to-digest format.

We turn people’s attention to the ocean to provide a healthier and more sustainable future.

The ocean plays an intrinsic role in our society, through its impact on climate, economy and cultural identity. It is an important resource that we must understand and care for to ensure it supports future generations as it has done for thousands of years. With the impacts from climate change and exploitation of marine environments becoming more evident, now is the time to build a holistic approach to documenting this unique space.

G14144; Glenbervie. Starboard just aft of beam view, aground on rocky shore. Listing to port. Taken from beach.

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