VOTO Support

What is VOTO Support?
Voice of the Ocean supports scientific research projects through a variety of means; infrastructure support for fieldwork, development of methodology, or even support with data management and distribution.

We primarily aim to support initiatives that focus on the Baltic Sea, especially when the project involves our marine infrastructure (vessels and gliders), however, we are open to discussions about more international projects.

One of the biggest obstacles for individual researchers, or small groups, is access to and use of appropriate research infrastructure. We offer bespoke project support, all the way through from developing methodology to data provision, using our existing assets, at no cost to the researcher. We also provide an expert operations team to help develop the safest methodology to create a successful project.

How to apply

We are happy to initiate the dialogue about how we can contribute to your project, just contact us through the details below.

Application process

VOTO Support projects are selected through a decision making process involving both our internal experts and our independent scientific advisory board. The application deadlines will be twice yearly.

Round 1 – 2023

Deadline for applications: 7 May
Decision meeting: 1 June
Decisions published: 25 June

Round 2 – 2023

Deadline for applications: 7 November
Decision meeting: 1 December
Decisions published: 21 December

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