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VOTO was founded in 2019 at the initiative of Carl Douglas. He has for thirty years been engaged in, and dived, the oceans all over the world. His patronage includes, among many things, financing the discovery of a Swedish DC-3 shot down by Soviet fighter jets in the Baltic in 1952, the support of many ocean-research projects and the production of documentary films.



We strive towards a future where knowledge and interest in our oceans eco-systems and history forge a sustainable interaction between man and the oceans.

We believe in knowledge. We believe attitudes can be changed through knowledge. We will help collect, create and disperse this knowledge.


What we do

VOTO is managed by experienced marine biologists, documentary filmmakers, entrepreneurs and journalists with many years of experience studying, documenting and working with the oceans. Together we form a diverse array of competencies but we are joined by one common denominator: a passion for the oceans.

We work along four main tracks:

•Support to scientific projects
•Technology at sea
•Man and the oceans.


Foundation Voice of the Ocean
Rydboholmgård, 184 94 Åkersberga Sweden


Ola Oskarsson
Project Manager Ocean Knowledge


Johan Candert
Project Manager Ocean Archive


Fanny Senke
Communications & Project Manager


Niklas Nilsson
Project Manager Education