About us

Once upon a time

For 30 years, Carl Douglas has been diving and caring for the oceans.

In 2003 he financed the successful search for the DC-3 aeroplane shot down in 1952 over the Baltic Sea and has since supported marine research and the production of documentary films about the seas.

Carl Douglas launched the Voice of the Ocean Foundation in 2019.

I believe in the linkage of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom and the free exchange of ideas to be discussed, questioned and reformulated. And collaboration is the key.

Carl Douglas – Founder of Voice of the Ocean
Carl Douglas at Voice of the Ocean

Our purpose

When you look beneath the ocean’s surface, you will find a wonderful world full of life. A vibrant environment that lays the very foundation for everything on our planet.

Our mission is to tell that story.

We conduct, support, and promote science and communication regarding the sea and its dynamic processes. With a holistic approach, we explore the interaction between humans and the sea. Historically, at present, and in the future.

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