Treacherous rocks lurk in Abandon ship

Treacherous rocks lurk in Abandon ship
Key learning

Voice of the Ocean and publishing house Max Ström has worked on the concluding part of a trilogy of picture-rich books about shipwrecks and the sea.

The third book, Abandon Ship, examines wrecks in art and literature and was published in 2022.

A trilogy

The trilogy highlights the significance of wrecks and shipwrecks throughout history up until the present time. The two previous books are called Ghostships and Shipwreck.

Upcoming Abandon Ship looks into art showing famous and fictional people, plants, goods, and animals that perished on the world’s large water-borne networks.

Humans and the Sea

Abandon Ship highlights the close relationship between humans and the sea. It notes man’s dependence on and use of the sea and looks into the importance of shipwrecks and myths about shipping when creating a modern identity.

In Abandon Ship, important and central works from five hundred years of art history illustrate that shipwrecks and wrecks symbolize something much more profound than a temporary fascination with dramatic disasters.

Treacherous rocks lurk everywhere; some skerries and storms turn human endeavour into driftwood.

Bjorn Hagberg at Voice of the Ocean

More than a headline

Shipwrecks are more than just headlines in the news or parts of adventure movies. In art, they have served as metaphors for life’s journey – for faith, hope and love – shown through the tragic loss of human life, the dramatic stories of people, shipwrecks and man’s struggle against the might of nature.

There is an irresistible attraction to stories about heroism and disasters at sea. Wrecks and shipwrecks have been central motifs in art history, from the ancient world to the breakthrough of modernism.

Get your copy

The book is published in both English and Swedish. You can order it online. Here are two suggestions, the Swedish version or the English version

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