VOTO Education

We spark interest in and make understanding of the ocean.

What is VOTO Education?

VOTO Education sparks interest in and makes understanding of the ocean by communicating science in an unbiased and easy-to-digest format.


Overall, at Voice of the Ocean, we believe in good examples. Stories about progress and how we as humans can actively make a difference. With that in mind, we divide our efforts into two paths.

Via our playful platform, we target the youngest generation. In a unique collaboration with the multi-talented Swedish creator Lasse Åberg, we also create a series of “real” textbooks and educational content.

The content in our blog aims to demystify ocean science. With the help of storytelling, we aim at the adult population.

Project support

Are you part of an educational project that would benefit from the support of Voice of the Ocean? If so, what are your needs, and how can we collaborate?

Contact me to start a dialogue about how we can contribute to your activities.

Niklas Nilsson, [email protected]

Niklas Nilsson at Voice of the Ocean

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