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Humans and the Sea

We contribute to a broader understanding of the importance of and interaction with the sea.

What is Humans and the Sea?

Humans and the Sea is a unique engagement in the historical storytelling of the ocean.

The importance of maritime history

The ocean has been a focus of attention for centuries, with scientists and artists exploring its depths and mysteries. But one perspective has been missing.

The most extensive ecosystem on earth and its importance to the planet cannot be overstated, says Martin Widman. And there is a growing awareness of the need to historicize the ocean.

The ocean provides us with resources such as food and energy. It is a platform for transport and trading. And it plays a crucial role in securing human health and well-being, including employment and recreation.

However, the way we exploit the ocean today places increasing pressure on the marine environment. Consequently, we often hear about overfishing, ocean warming, and acidification.

How did we end up here?

This is a core question for Humans and the Sea, says Björn Hagberg. Our mission is to engage in the historical storytelling of the ocean.

By spreading knowledge and new perspectives about the ocean’s multi-faceted nature, culture, and history, Humans and the Sea wants to contribute to a broader understanding of the importance of the sea.

We believe this approach makes it possible to raise questions about what kind of relation to the sea we want today and in the future. We believe the answers will contribute to setting the course we should follow and enable sensible decision-making based on facts and a broader understanding.

Project support

Are you part of a research project that would benefit from the support of Voice of the Ocean? If so, what are your needs, and how can we collaborate for a deeper understanding of the ocean?

Contact me to start a dialogue about how we can contribute to your activities.

/ Björn Hagberg, [email protected]

Bjorn Hagberg at Voice of the Ocean

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