Humans and the Sea

We contribute to a broader understanding of the importance of and interaction with the sea.

The well-being of the Baltic Sea and the world’s oceans requires an increased awareness of humanity’s long-term relationship and dependence on the sea. With knowledge of the past, we can better understand our present. How did the challenges we now face arise? How have people historically maneuvered in times of major climate and environmental change?

Humans and the Sea (HATS) works to raise awareness of the importance of the sea to human culture and society. HATS is guided by the conviction that humanistic research, art, and culture can contribute to a functioning relationship between humans and their environment. HATS activities focus on recognizing, mapping and, increasing knowledge of the cultural landscape below the surface.

Recognizing and mapping the historical landscape

The remains of the past are disappearing at an alarming rate. Human and natural processes are destroying our common cultural heritage, causing an irreversible loss of the source material of the past. Historical remains are like fading coral reefs – they disappear, leaving us with no way to reconstruct the past. More acidic and warmer seas, exploitation of seabed habitats, and rising sea levels are breaking down wood and metal and washing away cultural landscapes that are thousands of years old. It is, therefore, urgent to map and recognize the cultural landscape below the surface now. This is the only way to save the heritage for future generations of researchers. 

HATS wants to help dispel opinion by disseminating fact-based knowledge about the past and how people have dealt with change and development throughout history. Therefore, anchoring in scientific environments and evidence-based research is crucial for HATS’ engagement. 

HATS takes its motto from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:

There are great advantages in removing ourselves distinctly from our time and letting ourselves be driven from its shore back into the ocean of former world views. 

Project support

Are you part of a research project that would benefit from the support of Voice of the Ocean? If so, what are your needs, and how can we collaborate for a deeper understanding of the ocean?

Contact me to start a dialogue about how we can contribute to your activities.

Björn Hagberg, [email protected]

Bjorn Hagberg at Voice of the Ocean

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